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About NMTD

About MNTD


Micro/Nano Technology Division (MNTD), which former was Center for Micro/Nano Technology, was merged on Feb 1st, 2021 into CFC.  


Service & Development of Advanced Technology

There are over 70 facilities in MNTD for micro/nano process, characterization, and analysis. They are in the Nanolithography & Nanofabrication Cleanroom and the Nano Characterization & Analysis Laboratory on the B1 floor in the Instrument Building.

MNTD offers high-end facilities for self-operation and OEM. Regular training courses are provided per month, moreover theme or packaged courses are available during winter and summer vacations. In addition, a 24hr e-system is offered for convenient-public-fair booking and charging service.

MNTD provides integrated frontier facilities for micro/nano processes, characterization, and analysis. The division also actively collaborates and allies with academia and the industry. MNTD is categorized into Process and Analysis Groups. Process Group focuses on developing the fabrication platform of micro/nano devices by integrating optical lithography/electron beam lithography and dry/wet etching technology. The platform includes multiple featured processes, such as 10 nm linewidth processes, lithography technology with high-precision multilayer alignment, atomic layer deposition, and dry plasma etching systems to offer high-resolution and stable processes.

Analysis Group offers professional characterization and analysis by using electron microscopes, including sample preparation and

microstructure properties examination. The group also self-develops liquid electron microscopy inspection technology. For advanced optical inspection and analysis, the group provides various spectroscopy and particle sizes analysis based on different wavelengths

to characterize the physical and chemical properties of materials. The material structures can be further elucidated by the principles of nonlinear optics.

    An integrated process and analysis service platform is established for developing novel materials, electronic devices, and processes. The engineers also design packaged OEM services and provide professional consultation.